The ad that ran

  • Client: InterSport
  • Media: on-line app, microsite
  • Realisation: 2015
The ad that ran


How our target audience became our media. Intersport wanted to promote it‘s new running collection, with almost no production or media budget.


Intersport motivated runners to use any running app and run in the shape of their brand logo. Users who shared their routes on their social profiles, got a discount on running gear. The further they ran - the bigger the discount they got in the shop.

Run 1km = 1% off Run 23km = 23% off Run 100km = Free gear!


  • Creative sales & sales support, 2015
  • Audience engagement, 2015
  • The Principles of the Game, 2015
  • Shortlist, Media, 2015

Photo gallery


  • 250000 views for the “Intersport routes“ on social media and across different running apps
  • +22% sales in the Intersport running department went higher in 22%
  • +16% sales in the entire Intersport shop went higher in 16%
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