Snow Flurries and Personalized E-shop

  • Client: IBM
  • Media: Direct mail
  • Realisation: 2015
Snow Flurries and Personalized E-shop


IBM needed to approach middle and top corporate management and familiarize them with IBM's solutions for marketing and finance departments. A survey had shown that this target group does not perceive IBM as a relevant partner able to assist them in this area, and has no knowledge of the solutions that IBM has on offer.

The objective of the activity was to change the perception of IBM as a partner for marketing and finance, to attract new customers, to broaden the contact base of existing accounts, and to raise awareness of IBM's solutions and products.


We prepared two creative solutions for each of the target groups (finance and marketing, respectively), choosing a suitable case study for each of them and using it as the basis for the creative design of the mailing drive.

Recipients in finance received a ski bag with artificial snow and a case study on Blizzard, the ski manufacturer, who uses IBM tools to predict future demand and optimize production. Recipients in marketing received a personalized gift box, paraphrasing the branding of Macy's, the online retailer. The case study that came with it presented the marketing tool that Macy's uses to prepare tailor-made offers for individual e-shop visitors. The case studies and IBM's solutions were presented on tablets with an online connection. Recipients with whom these offerings resonated would simply click the button "Make me an offer" in order to express their interest in a meeting with an IBM representative. This request was passed on via text message to the relevant sales representative, along with further information on the prospective customer.As the tablets were connected to the internet, it was easy for us to track the recipients' behavior and thus evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign in real time.

The target group consisted of consummate professionals among the very best in their field. They are extremely busy and it is hard to gain their trust. We therefore had to break down these barriers with an intriguing direct mail solution of highly relevant content. We chose an ingenious channel for demonstrating the advantages and benefits of IBM products for the given firm by way of real-life references, thus showing them how added value can be created thanks to IBM's products and services. The personalized creative solution in the form of direct mailing contributed to the high ratio of messages opened by the recipients. The relevance of the case studies and the supporting references from within the Czech Republic were an excellent demonstration of IBM's ability to tailor technical solutions exactly to the customer's needs.The straightforward option of asking for a meeting - which involved a simple click, without having to fill in any forms - was enthusiastically welcomed. This direct mail campaign received a very warmly welcome from recipients.


  • 3rd place - Direct B2B Communication

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  • 59 we sent out 59 direct mails
  • 49 were opened and played (we know this because of the internet connection of the tablets)
  • 22 a total of 22 recipients clicked on the "Make me an offer" button within the online application (14 from marketing, 8 from finance) and made arrangements for meeting with an IBM representative
  • 37% response rate
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