Reinvention of the loyalty program in digital format

  • Client: Aquila
  • Media:
  • Realisation: 2015
Reinvention of the loyalty program in digital format


The Aquila Collection is a loyalty program by Aquila, a Czech company producing soft drinks and beverages. Previously, a customer cut out “stars” from the bottle labels, sent them by postal mail, and got a reward back. When the time came to renovate the program, the client asked to come up with a new, engaging form of the Collection. The renovation primarily needed to stimulate parents and their 6 to 12-year-old children.


According to numerous research studies, members of young families spend significant amounts of time online; therefore, our concept was about creating an engaging web format for the Collection. Our strategic decision was to preserve the offline part of the program to retain existing customers, while simultaneously developing an alternative online portal. A customer can now easily participate in the loyalty program by simply registering and entering product codes from bottles bought on, so no scissors are needed. Those codes are subsequently transformed into points, which the customer can use to get her rewards. In addition to existing rewards – toys from animation movies – the program offers online games and contests which are very engaging for children.

Ogilvy One provided not only full-scale development, but it was also responsible for the maintenance of customer service and the claims center, as well as for partner relationship management.

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  • 10000 More than 10,000 registered participants in a short time period
  • 37000 More than 37,000 points spent on rewards and games within 2 months (for comparison, one bottle is worth 0.5 – 3 points)
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