Partner management for the Šťáva loyalty program

  • Client: ČEZ
  • Media:
  • Realisation: 2015
Partner management for the Šťáva loyalty program


The goal for OgilvyOne was to find partners for the Šťáva (Juice) customer loyalty program. The program had to run in multiple regions within Czech Republic, and the main challenge was to ensure the participation of at least 20 partners per region. The customers of České Energetické Závody (ČEZ) and their families could participate in the program and enjoy its benefits in form of leisure activities and related merchandise.


The holy grail of the whole project was to secure the appropriate partners from the chosen categories – outdoor and leisure activities and leisure merchandise. OgilvyOne provided full-scale partner management and precisely organized the participation of all the partners on the project. Moreover, OgilvyOne was able to ensure the changing of offers according to the time of the year in order to deliver the most relevant and engaging benefits to customers. OgilvyOne was also fully responsible for the creation of offers, tips, and customer contests, along with continued strategic and account support.


  • 300 More than 300 partners, special promotions, and new offers every month
  • 100000 More than 100,000 registered users within 10 months
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