Market share growth via social networks

  • Client: Garnier Pure
  • Media:
  • Realisation: 2015
Market share growth via social networks

Marketing challenge

Garnier Pure targets young people with problematic skin. The brand is a leader in the market, but recently had a problem reaching young people and addressing them effectively. The existing strategy of adapting foreign TV spots ceased to resonate with the target group. Our task was to help Garnier Pure keep its market share in a declining market for cosmetic products for problematic skin and prevent “brand switching”.

Our solution

For our target group, Generation Y, self-confidence plays a key role. Young people are especially susceptible to anything negative - such as bad skin - which in turn can have a big impact on their overall self-confidence. We focused, therefore, on the combination of good skin as a prerequisite for a healthy self-esteem. The brand took the role of the “buddy” who promotes self-esteem, provides advice and resources to help achieve it, as well as inspiration.

The main communication platform became Facebook, with the help of the blogging network Tumblr. We also took advantage of a long-term partnership with the magazine Bravo. For the first time in the history, the entire ATL budget was invested in a long-term digital campaign.

We created the project “Fulfil Your Dream”. We chose the dream of young girls who follow fashion trends - to become the star of an ad. Using a competition in our Facebook application, we picked a shy 16-year girl from Znojmo. We then worked hard with her for a month and a half to prepare her for the peak of the campaign: a photo shoot for Garnier Pure for Bravo magazine.  Fans of the site were actively involved in the winner’s transformation through their comments and advice regarding her appearance and style.


  • Bronze WebTOP 100 2014
  • Bronze EFFIE 2014
  • TOP 3 global digital campaign L´Oréal 2014


  • +16000 fans, 75% of them young women aged 18–25 years.
  • +29% increase in market share (Share of Market Volume) during the campaign - without any ATL or BTL support.
  • 53% average participation rate of brand fans on Facebook (Average Engagement Rate) in the form of comments, discussion, and sharing, more than double the usual rate.
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