Loyalty program as a tool to support tourism within the Czech Republic

  • Client: CzechTourism
  • Media:
  • Realisation: 2015
Loyalty program as a tool to support tourism within the Czech Republic


We were asked by Česká centrála cestovního ruchu (CzechTourism) to come up with an idea of how to effectively promote vacations and leisure activities in the Czech Republic.


We created an online loyalty program allowing users to choose various tours and outdoor activities within the Czech Republic. A special website was created called www.klubkudyznudy.cz (“The Out-of-Boredom Club”). Users could easily register, select an offer, and download a coupon which they could use to pay for an offer. 

OgilvyOne was responsible for effective partner management enabling the location of offers for leisure activities in all 17 regions across the Czech Republic. We also developed the strategy, created webpages and a related database, ensured direct marketing activities, and collected the best offers to get Czechs out to explore their homeland. Moreover, the whole loyalty club was part of an integrated communications campaign. Therefore, seamless cooperation with other teams within the Ogilvy group was crucial for success.


  • 7000 More than 7,000 members within 6 months
  • 17 More than 350 partners in all 17 Czech regions
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