Loyalty building for customers with prepaid cards

  • Client: Telefónica O2
  • Media:
  • Realisation: 2015
Loyalty building for customers with prepaid cards


Telefónica O2 approached us with the task to create added value for their customers with prepaid cards in order to improve the value-for-money perception of the prepaid tariff. We were asked to avoid discounting.


OgilvyOne created and implemented the concept of a loyalty program for the prepaid segment. After recharging their mobile phone with prepaid credit, customers receive a code which they enter on the website and get their benefits. Since registration is needed to draw the benefits, the loyalty program can collect data about prepaid customers which was rarely possible before.

Team OgilvyOne built the whole program from the ground up. We created the core principles, designed the website and user experience (UX), and managed the product offers to make the program highly profitable for both Telefónica O2 and its customers. This effective loyalty program would have not been possible without the advanced analytics behind it. Our experts provided complete analytical support, helping to offer the most relevant benefits to O2 customers based on their behavior.


  • 250% ROI
  • 67% Approximately 2/3 of prepaid customers participated in the program
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