Launch of new flavour with help of a music video

  • Client: Gambrinus Ochucený
  • Media:
  • Realisation: 2015
Launch of new flavour with help of a music video

Marketing challenge

Gambrinus Flavoured was in third place on the market of the first beer mixes. Our task was to build interest in the new Juicy Grapefruit flavour and increase not only the perception of quality, but also overall sales of the range of Gambrinus Flavoured beers. The digital part of the campaign was key for a successful launch because, unlike the competition, Gambrinus Flavoured does not communicate on TV - it relies solely on the world of the internet.

Our solution

The primary advantage of Gambrinus Flavoured versus the competition is the absence of artificial ingredients and flavours. Therefore, we created the Powerful Fruity Gang, whose members embody the different flavours of Gambrinus Flavoured and fight for the true taste of fruit against all substitutes. The musical genre “gangsta rap” is associated with the world of gangsters. Together with the agency Addict, we created an interactive music video “Sou Freš” (so fresh) to introduce the new flavour. This video, building on the success of viral music videos on YouTube, aimed to create awareness quickly amongst the target group, who don’t watch much TV, and build a community of brand fans.  

Brand fans were pulled into the story even before the music clip was actually filmed. A month before filming, via a Facebook application (Become a Star), people could vote on how selected scenes of the clip should look, and even get a part in the clip. In April 2013, the main role in the “Sou Freš” music video was revealed to be the popular rap duo Indy & Wich. 

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  • 2013 Juicy Grapefruit became the best-selling variety of flavoured beers in 2013, and the brand came in first place in the perception of quality of flavoured beers.
  • 618000 The video has over 618,000 views on YouTube and
  • 24700 The brand doubled its number of Facebook fans to 24,700.
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