Innovative website for communication of quality

  • Client: Gambrinus
  • Media:
  • Realisation: 2015
Innovative website for communication of quality


The most popular beer brand in the Czech Republic, Gambrinus, has been fighting a negative quality perception. Our team was asked to enhance its quality perception online by making the Gambrinus website more innovative and customer-oriented.


In order to develop the best solution, the team analyzed existing web pages in terms of speed, accessibility of searched data, interactivity, structure, and user experience (UX). OgilvyOne subsequently developed a new, innovative website enabling higher user interactivity. The new design is responsive and mobile phone friendly. 

The new website offers intuitive navigation and easy access to key sections like restaurant / pub searches and product information. We also implemented a unique system collecting all news about Gambrinus from various digital sources – Facebook, web, press releases, etc. Moreover, the team rebuilt the section about brewing and the brand’s history in order to make it more engaging.


  • 50% The amount of time spent in the product section of the website was doubled (50%)
  • 60% The search time needed for finding a restaurant offering Gambrinus was reduced by 60%
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