Fanliga: Long-term online engagement with beer consumers

  • Client: Gambrinus
  • Media:
  • Realisation: 2015
Fanliga: Long-term online engagement with beer consumers


Gambrinus (a brand of Plzeňský Prazdroj) has been a long-term partner of Czech football (soccer). Our challenge was to re-ignite the connection between Gambrinus and Czech football by involving fans actively within the digital environment.


Every football fan always “knows better” how the team should play. So, we gave them the opportunity to prove this in practice and created Gambrinus Fanliga (Fan League) – the first Czech fantasy-football league. This was a year-long online game in which the player acts as a coach, forming his own team and receiving points based on the performance of his players from the real first league games. We promoted the start of the game through a campaign utilizing media which are the most popular among football fans, such as: sports dailies, football news websites, and TV broadcasting of games. In cooperation with the ConceptOne agency, we managed to use innovative promotion formats within real football games, too.


  • Bronze in the Integrated Campaign category


  • 50000 registered players within 2 months from the start
  • 7 minutes - average time spent playing the game
  • 20 Million (CZK) - Free media
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