Encouraging people to participate in the RunTour running races

  • Client: RunTour
  • Media:
  • Realisation: 2015
Encouraging people to participate in the RunTour running races


RunTour is a series of 5km and 10km running races that take place in major Czech cities. For each race, RunTour aims to attract 1,000 participating runners. We were asked to come up with a smart way of attracting new runners to take part in the RunTour races.


Instead of targeting the broad public, our specialized team #ogilvychange decided to focus on those segments that might be more prone to participate in a race. Behavioral science research shows that people search for existential meaning when they approach a new decade in chronological age (e.g. when turning 30, 40, 50, etc.), and they are prone to making significant decisions as they approach each decade. Moreover, we tend to achieve goals set at the start of a new time period. 

We adjusted RunTour’s Facebook campaign, by using ads that targeted Facebook users at the end-of-decade ages, i.e. those who were turning 20, 30, 40, and 50 within the next week. The ads were designed to promote participation in a RunTour race as a ‘transformative’ life-changing activity, typical for a meaningful life, or as a personal high goal activity. We nudged recipients by portraying a happy runner of the relevant age.  We compared these nudged Facebook ads with general ads targeting the same target audience. As a result, we achieved 18% higher clickthrough rate (CTR) with nudged Facebook ads.


  • 33% higher number of clicks (compared to non-nudged Facebook ads)
  • 18% higher click-through rate (compared to non-nudged Facebook ads)
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