Acquisition of a new target audience for Orion via Facebook

  • Client: Nestlé
  • Media:
  • Realisation: 2014
Acquisition of a new target audience for Orion via Facebook


The core objective from Nestlé was to introduce a new Easter collection of chocolate from Orion to stimulate potential customers – 25 to 44-year-old women. Secondly, we were asked to enhance positive awareness of the brand online.


We focused on Facebook and decided to utilize the Orion Chocolate Facebook page. At that time the page had only 98 fans. Our target audience was seeking fast and simple engagement activities on Facebook - things that didn’t consume too much time but did allow them to possibly win something for their family. We created a simple game app with an Easter theme on the Orion Facebook page. Our game was made on the Bingo principle, where a player had to fill her virtual basket with different chocolates from Orion. Products for the combination were chosen from Orion’s Easter collection offering, so a player could become familiar with new products. At the end, the winning combination was announced immediately, and the winner got her delicious award. 


  • +22402 Number of fans grew from 98 to 22,500 within 2 weeks
  • 73% of the fans belong to the desired target audience
  • 95% click-through rate of the app
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